Layer actions Pop-up Notifications (merge, dublicate, flatten, new, delete)

More clear Notifications similar to “Layer locked” BOTH in fullscreen and standard mode would be great helpers in workflow.

Now there are some notifications ONLY in fullscreen, and most of all are concern to name of layers but not to a certain action, e.g. deleting layer is notifies a name of a new work layer but don’t “Layer is Deleted”.

Here the reasons why I wish to see it:

  1. For several layer actions (new, merge, dublicate, flatten image, new layer, delete layer) I use shortcuts, in case of a fullscreen or minimized interface without layer docker notifications about what happens with layers are obviously useful.
  2. There is a bug that I can’t purposefully reproduce : time to time working layer is automatically merges with layer below. Usually I locked layer below, but sometimes forget. May be it is problem of my keyboard or system but not Krita’s, I don’t know. In that case the notification “Layer is Merged” will force me to check layers state.