Layer Opacity

Is there an Action to trigger the layer opacity?
I want to cut an image, paste into new layer and set opacity to 50% and paste back into layer below.
or even better whatever I lasso select I can make it a set opacity level.

I know how to do this manually, but I want it to be a fast script action on a hotkey.
I tried installing Actuator, no actions for later opacity :S

If what I’m asking makes no sense,
the question is: how to I affect layer opacity through python.

I don’t understand anything about scripts… :frowning:

From what I’ve seen, in addition to the normal way of controlling the opacity of the layer, it’s possible to control it by going to the “Properties”. Create a layer, right-click on it and choose: “Properties”.

If you can somehow “call” this from the script, I believe you’ll get what you’re looking for…

It’s cool, I found a work around.
I just have a custom layer and set its opacity, meaning anything I lasso select I call a script that cuts and pastes into the custom named opacity layer.
Crude, but it works :smiley: