Layer Style - Outer Glow creates a line of gap on the object's rim

This is a bug relayed from the community. When using Layer Style - Outer Glow with High Spread & Size values, there is a line of small gap on the object’s rims.

Screenshot of the result:

Screenshot of the settings:

The user reported to be using a vector object on a vector layer to create the effect. I was able to reproduce this even on a paint layer with similar settings.

What should I do next? Thanks!

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The effect is caused by an alpha value of less than 1 on the antialiased edges of the disc. Even with a vector object, what you see is a raster representation of the vector shape and it has some antialiasing at the edges.

Here is a ring made with a ‘normal’ brush that has a small section painted over with a Pixel Art brush:

And the Outer Glow applied:

If you use a paint layer with the Pixel Art brush to make the shapes, that would deal with the problem but there would be some roughness of the edges if the shape was a different colour to the glow.
A slightly blurred copy of the shape layer on top should take care of that.

I’m afraid this is not a good solution…it can eliminated the gap, but no one creates pixel art precise edge for their glowing objects. Pixel artists on the other hand, don’t use this type of glowing. A better alternative to this is gaussian blur filter.

I think the behavior of Layer style - Outer Glow can be improved. The effect can be created UNDER the original objects, and SPREAD INWARD a few pixels so that it can FILL the gap.

Another possibility would be to treat an alpha value of less than 1.0 as being 0.0 for the purpose of creating the glow.

Both solutions would be particular modifications to solve a particular problem and may have unwanted effects in other situations.

Either or both could be selectable options, possibly in all layer styles.
So, more discussion and developer input needed?

Thank you for the reply, I just want to know whether should I report this as a bug? My feeling says making too many bug reports are stressful to the developers. The guideline says I should first post on this forum, so I did that. I want to make sure they are okay with seeing another bug on the list.

I think it’s a wishlist ‘bug’.
The glow is made outside the object and you’re seeing the background through the antialiased edges of a ‘normal’ painted object. So, the layer style is being made properly according to specification.
(There’s another workaround by painting under the edge-line on a lower layer, etc. but it’s all more work.)
I don’t think another wishlist bug would stress them but I also don’t think it would be a high priority. Wait and see if a developer says anything.

If it’s working according to specification, there is no need to bother the developers about it. Thank you for your time!