Learning Curve: Clean line art and line confidence


I’ve created a template for my own use to help me practice lines

based off a tutorial from YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBE-RTFkXDk

I figured, if I were to practice daily it would be best to have a template. I’ve been practicing with circles and to some extent other shapes, but the lack of a structure makes things less formal and opens up the opportunity to forget or just wander off.

Some questions:

  1. Would you be interested in this?
  2. What license do you recommend? Creative Commons of something like Apache 2?
  3. Where should I host those files? I’m thinking long term.

I was thinking about creating a website with various training resources, so this would be a perfect opportunity to test out the waters. For a while I thought about git-lab, but *.kra files are BLOBs and git does not enjoy those. Would using git-lfs work here? How difficult it would be to “expire” old versions, if the need arises?



As a new Krita user, a first time drawing display owner, and someone who struggles with clean art and line confidence, I would love to see this. A training website would be great!

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Hello Everyone!

The shop is open :heart:

GitLab has support for Git LFS, so even larger files won’t be a problem.

As for other resources, I saw a massive improvement after using this advice:

GitLab has a Wiki in projects, so that’s another avenue to explore.

What do you all think?

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