Learning how to paint using Krita 5 Beta 1

This is my first incursion in digital painting and I’ve chosen Krita for that.
Please, don’t be too harsh with me, I’m just a 48 years old who is discovering a new hobby!


You’re doing great. I wish you many hours of fun with your new hobby.

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Maybe you’re new to the digital painting, but the touches look much braver than mine, and also have the great sense of shading or shapes, I guess.
And besides, I like the astronaut. Great!

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Thank you very much!

Thank you, I appreciate that!

Parece que los 48 años es la edad perfecta para comenzar a experimentar con krita, yo también tengo esa edad :smiley:

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Is 48 supposed to be young or old? Either way thank you for sharing what you are doing.

Muito obrigado, concordo plenamente.
Somos crianças aprendendo a desenhar :rofl:
Saudações do Brasil!