Learning Krita: First Digital art, A simple pear

I know the composition isn’t great, and there is work to be had in the coloring, lights, and shadows. But impatiently, here is my first piece of artwork in Krita.

The idea was for this to mimic traditional oil still life paintings. I realized after starting that the page was twice as long as I had planned for, thus the long table leg.

Many lessons learned by this newb, many more to come.


Congratulations on submitting your first work using Krita. I hope you can continue to learn relevant skills from the vast knowledge base that lies within these hallowed halls of this forum. Welcome and keep it up.

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Looking forward to seeing more from you. The painting of a bird on the wall behind is a nice touch. Is it a partridge?

It is supposed to be much redder, and a cardinal. The transition to a jpg made everything a bit lighter than even my krita file was.