Left hand pen problem

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I have a problem with the pen of my drawing tablet. I use reversed mouse buttons for my mouse (right button is for normal clicking) and in the workspace the pen has the correct settings so when I touch the pad it starts drawing, but when I want to change brushes or something like that the settings for the pen are not working correctly so either it does nothing or I get options like I click with the left button of the mouse.

I tried changing the settings of the pen itself but that only gives me more problems so I was wondering if anybody has the same problem and knows a solution.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It would be useful if you could say what version of krita you’re using, which operating system, what sort of computer you have and which tablet you have.

Touching with the pen is usually interpreted as equivalent to a mouse left-click (with the usual mouse left-right arrangement).
Did you do the mouse left/right swap over at the operating system level or using a third party utility?

At the tablet end, did you try setting the nib to be Mouse right-click?

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