Legit posts marked spam by community flags

I posted several questions (I am new to Krita) and got good answers so far, but then all of a sudden I get 5 messages informing me that “Post hidden by community flags” - reason: spam, for all of my questions…

As far as I understand I posted the questions in the appropriate section.

What is going on?

I have no idea and can’t tell you, because I haven’t seen them, but this is a question for @raghukamath, he will be able to answer your question. Let’s wait for his answer, or possibly for the answer from another admin or a moderator.


@IlanMS I’ve had a look at your previous topics and replies and noticed some ‘hidden’ content due to being reported.
They all involve external links, to Dropbox or to a KDE bug report or to a manual page. All perfectly reasonable places to link to.

Your ‘trust level’ is Basic User, probably because you haven’t been visiting often or for much length of time.
That may explain why you’re being limited in this way.
@Michelist has pinged Raghu so he may be able to tell you soon.


It’s because you linked to krita.org multiple times and the automatic anti-spam system thought you were spamming (like posting multiple comments leading to your shady virus-loaded website or something like that). I unhide all of your posts now, since they’re clearly legitimate.


So… not to link to relevant Krita.org pages? It will make things cumbersome when I ask about procedures from The Manual.

No, the anti-spam system was just overeager. And if you participate in the forum, the system learns to trust you (or rather, assumes that you can’t be a spammer because a spammer wouldn’t bother to participate) and won’t react so strongly again. So, go ahead and use the links when you need to. In the worst case, we’ll manually unhide your posts again.

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Thanks @tiar for sorting out this one

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