Less cluttered gallery

If I guess correctly, you’re using the Topic List Preview Discourse plugin to display tagged topics such as #featured.

I like this gallery view and I think it’s a great way to show off what Krita is capable of when put in the hands of skilled artists.
However, a lot of information is cluttering that layout, some of which could ideally be put inside the thumbnails and only displayed when you hover your cursor on them, and some of which is plain unnecessary (such as all the icons of the users who put a message in the topic even though they’re not the author of the art piece).

Do you think this plugin you’re using could be tweaked to make the gallery more compact and pleasing to the eye?

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Thanks for the suggestions, yes we are using topic list preview plugin.

I agree that the icons of the user are not necessary, Although I doubt that there is a way without adding custom tweaks, I’ll check if there is a way to hide them.

For now I won’t be making any changes to the default plugin as it leads to maintenance burden on the staff, but if the fix is simple and not a headache I’ll definitely look in to it

Update: I have hidden the user icons from the gallery too.

thank you