Let's have some introduction

This topic was suggested by @StormEngineer. This is a place where you can introduce yourself and also get to know others as well. Write a line about yourself and how you would see this community help you in your art journey. Welcome newcomers and make them feel at home.

P.S It is not mandatory to introduce yourself, the choice is left to you.


Actually, I was thinking of a category where everyone can post a topic for their intro, and people can reply if they want :slight_smile: But I guess this works too.

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Since it is customary for new forum members to introduce themselves when joining a forum, I thought it appropriate to post here.

My name is Ryan Miller. I have graduated a year ago with a Liberal Arts degree from Franciscan Universityin Steubenville, Ohio, in May 2019. I am currently studying as a clynical lab tech at Sinclair Community college in Dayton, Ohio. Over the next couple years, I should be working as a lab intern until I finish my second degree.

I have done drawing and painting off and on in my spare time over the years. I mainly work from preexisting photographs I have taken. I intend to start up with digital painting again since my hiatus from 2014. Studies in my previous degree limited my spare time available.

I hope to offer input to help improve Krita during my time on this forum. My main digital art application has been Artrage, but I found out about krita recently in 2013 and finally installed it this month.

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Welcome to the Forum Ryan

Hi, lol. I joined last month but I never did this.

Uh… Here goes:

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a Digital & Traditional Artist from Jamaica :jamaica:. I found out about Krita while searching for a Paint Tool Sai Alternative in 2016 but I was on and off with drawing because I didn’t have the time or the inspiration to draw. I recently started drawing again and that’s been pretty cool for me. I’ve picked up a few lessons on the way and have realised how woefully lacking I’ve been in my knowledge of fundamentals like values, shapes, forms etc since I’ve joined this community. I must say that I did not expect this community to feel so much like a family of artists. You guys are very supportive here and give meaningful feedback and tips to help people grow as artists. I admit that I was skeptical about joining at first because I thought this would be a forum for artists to just show-off and compete with each other but I joined anyway . I don’t regret joining and I realise that what I see in this group goes contrary to what I initially thought. I even told someone and would say to myself that this group is like a Facebook for Artists XD. It’s so lovely to see how you guys support each other and just love on art.

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Hi All,

My name is Adi and I am from the United Kingdom

It’s great to be here and nice to meet you all. I started getting into doing digital paintings in March 2020 when the first lockdown of the pandemic. I started off doing digital paintings in Microsoft Paint. I started by following along with Bob Ross’s painting shows on Youtube (and on the BBC). Shortly after that, I discovered Krita when I was looking for an alternative to Microsoft Paint. Since then I have been using Krita to follow along with Bob Ross’s painting shows (and more recently doing my own original digital paintings).


Yay! Another Bob Ross fan! :+1:t2:

Welcome to the forum!