Let's talk brushes that make good erasers

veryyy cool erasers
Square Oil (reduce the smear strength) adds a nice noise texture. you could probably play with opacity pressure strength to make it transition more.
Smudge Paint erases and moves paint with paintbrush stroke.
Small Dirty Oil works great with low opacity to blend

example of smudge paint above RZV bristle brush:

here i put a green layer above a red layer and erased part of the green.

look up:
RZV Bundle

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One of my fave thing about Krita is that any brush can be erasers.

I know new user gets putoff by that fact and just want a simple eraser but once you knew the power of using just about any brush in their eraser mode - its hard to go back to hard round circle as a brush :joy:

Blending while erasing count me in.

Thanks. i’ll check them out- when i get to it. I havent really tested any of the specialty brush based o particular medium recently.

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