LGBT Cylon

After watching this animation …
"her name is girl"short animation by myself
… I was inspired to try animated colour changes and did some technical experiments.

It all got quite silly very quickly.




Without series reference, not sure that everyone understand what a Cylon is, and understand what the animation represents

How did you made the color transition in Krita ? :slight_smile:


Cylons have been an existential threat to humanity for over forty years! How can anybody not know what they are?
Cylons - YouTube

I tried new colour fade in, old colour fade out and also cross fade between them. New colour fade in over the top seems to be the best but there is not much between them.
Transparency in the colour causes problems so I used a solid colour at first.

If you fade from red to cyan, the result is a mess but fading from red to orange is quite good, as might be expected.
You may notice that in the animation I linked to, the hue changes are not very large in each scene.

So, I used twelve colours distributed around the hue wheel (artistic colour selector) and did fade overs in sequence for them.
Pure blue is perceptually very dark so I did a saturation reduction and value increase for that. Cyan is perceptually bright and so is yellow so I reduced the value for those.
As shown above, the ‘pure blue’ is still noticeably darker but not as bad as it was originally.

I Rendered the solid colour static animation as a .png frame sequence then imported it back in as an animated layer.
Then I did the movement on that with an animated transform mask and an extra overall brightness boost and a very messy blurring technique using filter masks.

Here is the .kra file:

It uses an animated transform mask, only for the movement, so it needs the 5.0.0-prealpha.
I did the output as animated .webp because .gif has dithering on it.