Life sucks

just talk frowning_face:

ya at least getting a living wage is attainable nowadays.
looking back on my life there are a lot of things im really glad i got to experience. but kind sucks how they come and go so fast.

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at least your life is good unlike mine :frowning_face:

What’s wrong with you? If others want to annoy you, laugh, and they will be annoyed! If you are dissatisfied with a picture, paint it again, twice, three times…

Life may not always be fair, but you can’t change much about that, but you can change your attitude towards life.
I don’t know anything about you and your circumstances, I can’t speak of that, so I can tell you something about me.

If you like to read it, you have to click here, it's long and very personal, almost revealingly intimate - and perhaps nothing you want to read right now

Now I am 55 years old and have been bedridden for 7 years because a couple of doctors in a hospital caused a medical emergency by making several bad decisions, I will live in a nursing home for the rest of my life, lying in my bed and seeing only my room day in and day out, nothing else.
So what? I have hobbies, I have friends. I don’t have many friends, but the ones I have, I can rely on. If you have “false friends”, then separate yourself from them!
This forum is one of my hobbies. Furthermore, I like to paint, I am a radio amateur and therefore, although I cannot leave my bed, I can talk to people all over the world, if I want to, because I have been allowed to install some radios and antennas here in my room. Since my friends are luckily also all radio amateurs, I can still talk to my friends day after day in a big conversation group.
I like to tinker with electronics, solder, measure, regulate, et cetera, and also go in for various mechanical tinkering, which is just likeable when you are lying in bed.
I love and collect music, since last year I enter all my albums and singles, whether as CD, DVD or as a file into my media library, so a mega playlist. I think 2023 I will be done with it - currently I have the 8500th, album entered. Likewise, I do the same with my video collection, which is also quite extensive.
Furthermore, I help my friends regularly with computer problems, as far as it is possible for me. They even bring their PCs into my home.

As I said, I can only talk about myself, but I am not unhappy, sure I would rather be able to walk again and participate in life “outside the door”, but that is impossible, but therefore I do not give up, I look forward to every evening to the next day and hope that I will live to be 100 years old, at least! By the way, it doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally get angry about something, but I don’t get angry about life, life is beautiful and life is always what you make of it!


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this moring at school i fount out that my bf cheated on me so I haven’t been my self I’ve been crying most of the day

You are young, and there are so many boys out there that I promise that you’ll find a new BF, it may take some time, but that should not bother you. You probably need to calm down now, but life goes on and on, and sooner or later you will find someone you can trust again.



I don’t thank I will ever find someone new

It will comfort you only a little because you are just devastated, but most people in this situation feel exactly like you at the moment, that is normal, but the fewest have subsequently found no one. But you also have to want to be found and not hide and lock yourself up in your apartment forever.

If you then want to have a new friend again, you are ready for it again, so after you have the current low behind you, then go out into the world with open eyes and ears and a wide open heart, show yourself, signal your needs for love, closeness, familiarity and whatever is important to you, and it would be a miracle if you found no one more, for that the world is too big.



Hi Madison, I know when you give a part of yourself and are betrayed it hurts a lot…

If a person cheats on you they were never comitted in the first place & you are better without them. I see some think that is hard but it is true.

My only advice is before you give your heart watch the sort of person they are with their male friends and children & make sure they treat strangers with respect and honesty, then they will more likely care for you… I’m a bit older and this is the advice I gave to my daughters & they do well.

Its not your fault.


I’m starting to get over it


Good to hear, life dosn’t suck just people sometimes. Life is good most of the time.


people all was suck but not all

Good to hear that you are feeling better, and thank you for this great koan! :slight_smile:


koan, […] a succinct paradoxical statement or question used as a meditation discipline for novices, […]. The effort to “solve” a koan is intended to exhaust the analytic intellect and the egoistic will

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