Lightbox Expo

Has anyone heard of the Lightbox Expo?

Here is a list of who’s going this year:
Notice the first listed artist! :grin:

Krita should be represented (or is it already?)


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Yeah - it’s a very well known expo in the industry. There’s loads of top artists and studios attending.

I scanned the list and saw Craig Mullins is also going. I’m not sure about others using Krita, but those are two significant names. I’m sure many others will have at least tried it.

It would be cool to have some form of official representation at events like these, but at least top artists using it and talking about it is a good thing, and doesn’t cost the foundation anything!

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The tickets are costly for me, it costs almost 1/2 of one way flight ticket to USA. I assume the cost for the booth for organisation’s will be high too.

Hope they upload the videos of the convention. And I wish conventions like these were less costly for both participants and visitors.