Like and Lastest

Hi. I’m following the community here, collecting paintings as referance for a while. But, i feel something strange about like button & lastest features at forum.

If i dont open drawing directly, and give a like: sometimes this doesn’t work. No like.
And, sometimes i feel that my like turns to unliked form.

And, i want to control lastest finished artworks, but even i click lastest… Sometimes there is another painting that shouldn’t be in the order(that i checked that place before), but there is.

So, giving like, and checking lastest finished artworks seems not %100 working or %100 sorted by time.

Should i change my browser? I’m using Edge.
Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18363
Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0

And, is there any approval process that prevent list %100 ordered?

1 more thing. Can we have artist’s nickname and work’s name together when we want to save artwork as referance?

At artstation, whenever i save an art, downloaded artwork pre-named as artist’s and artwork’s name. This is very useful for referancing.

Do you mean “latest”? Latest only shows recently updated threads. This means if someone replys to a year old thread it shows up under latest again.

If you want to save threads for later, there is a bookmark button for that.

Also, why not just saving the artworks to your hard drive?

However I have no idea why your likes are not registered.

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I mean that i can miss new paintings/drawings at finished artworks. If “lastest” shows “recently updated threads” then i would like to order finished artworks as just by what time only artwork added, not by updates. Therefore i cant miss any artworks.

So, maybe we also need filters that aiming just artworks’ adding date to sort by time for this? I couldnt see something for this purphose(New button for just few days). There is just “lastest”. Am i wrong_?