Likes Limits

I don’t really get the arbitrary daily limits on likes, it tends to stifle engagement quite a bit. I’ve run into the limit around 3 or so times now, especially on days where I decide to start plumbing the depths of old posts from before I joined. And it’s just made worse by the fact that we aren’t given any clear indication of the limits or when they reset or our current count.

I was going through old art submissions yesterday morning and at some point I decided to stop because I thought I might run into the limit again and then I wouldn’t be able to like stuff in new threads that would be coming in over the subsequent several hours until whenever the unsaid time where the count would reset would occur. So I came back now, the better part of a day later and after 10-20 likes I get a warning that I’m almost at my limit, so it seems I didn’t wait long enough for the reset. >.<

So my suggestion would be to drop the limits all together, but if for whatever reason that is infeasible, then at least make the current daily count/limit and reset time visible somewhere on our profiles, such as the likes tab under activity, so we aren’t stumbling around in the dark wondering when we can get back to engaging with the community again.

Thanks for the feedback.

The likes are limited to:

50 likes per day for all users
75 likes per day for trust level 2 user (you get a multiplier of 1.5 when you level up)
100 likes per day for trust level 3 (multiplier - 2)
150 likes per day for trust level 4 (multiplier - 3)

As common for most of the limits set for new user activities in discourse, according to the discourse forum, they added the like limits to restrict bots and spam.

However since our forum is an art forum and liking is more frequently done activity we can increase the base limit. we can’t disable it :frowning: from what I know. So I think a base limit of 100 likes per day would be good? What do you say? For now I have changed it to 100, If more people are getting limited by this number we can increase it. I am open to suggestion.

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Thanks for the reply. I really don’t know what would be an appropriate limit, as I never really paid too close attention to it. I guess the first few times it hit me was when I was still level 1, and I think I am level 2 now, so 50 and 75 apparently are pretty easy to hit when binging old threads, heh. 100 sounds like a good start. I kinda figured it was probably a built-in discourse isssue, but figured it was worth bringing up since this has been at least 3 times now that I’ve bumped into it in the short time I’ve been here.

It would be nice if they made it more clear about when they consider a new day to have begun though. When I hit the limit earlier, I think it said to try again in 4 hours, not sure if that is just a generic suggestion or if it hints at the actual reset time. If it’s the latter then I suppose somewhere around 11am (est) would be the arbitrary time the limits reset.

I did see the 50 limit in the discourse FAQs now that I’m thinking about it, but if I recall they never bothered to list default increases for the additional user levels, only that they would be raised. I guess I know now that that’s because they allow admins to set them per site.