Links to external content should open a new tab in browser

My expectation when using forum-oriented sites like or is that when I click a link a new browser tab opens. looks like it uses the same platform as this site and they adhere to this “standard”. Perhaps this site could as well.

The number of times I have clicked away to a video or brush library or whatever and then, when finished with the content, closed the browser tab only to realize I not only closed I have also completely lost any context of where I was when I clicked away. I’m getting better at remembering that this is the way this site works, but it wouldn’t be better if I didn’t have to remember.

Thanks for listening

For me, KA opens external links in new tabs, but it does this, because I have set it up like this.
It is a setting you can make yourself, click on your avatar-icon in the top-bar of the forum, you’ll find it under preferences >> interface.


You can also open any link on any website in a new tab by clicking it with the middle mouse button (pressing the mouse wheel in)

You are correct sir. I have made the change.

I just do right click open in a new tab anywhere on the internet if I want a new tab. If you just click it you have what you get. I am surprised there is even an option for that for each user.

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