Liquid ink or marble-like art... Is this possible on Krita

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Not sure to understand relationship between title and link you’ve provided… :thinking:


I think could @Calaneet still post under @raghukamath’s topic-explanation, then it would have been posted there for sure, as the point of the sub-forum meaning explanation was not understood. But the topic has been closed, thus this unusual appearing posting.

But aside from that, I have no idea what Liquid-Ink or Marble-like Art are supposed to be art forms. Liquid-Ink is occasionally listed as tattooing, but Marble-like Art?


@Calaneet If you can post a link to examples of ‘liquid ink’ or ‘marble-like art’ then your question would be more understandable.

If I take a guess at this, I’d say use the Distort Move brush preset which has various option and adjustments, in the Brush Editor, to make it do all sorts of effects:

Much experimentation will be needed - which is part of the learning experience and the fun :slight_smile:


Moving this to lounge until any more details is added.

I’m not OP but this is pretty helpful!
And to contribute to the discussion, assuming the image represents what OP was thinking of, I think the “marble-like art” is termed marbling.

Trivia time. Marbling art looks similar to alcohol ink art, which involves a very much liquid type of ink, the process having to do with blowing ink on water with wind or a dryer instead of a brush as one would with water color.
(Marbling, which also has to do with liquids, uses paint solvents and a water bath instead of ink. Objects to be marbled are submerged in the water bath and the paints on the surface stick to the object, creating a “print”. Alcohol ink is directly applied to the surface of the object one is “printing” on.)
Marbling and alcohol ink are two different things, but look similarly as pictured, hence why I suspect it’s what OP meant.

@theirartistheir Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was it. You can see that being done on YouTube with traditional materials. It looks messy but fun.
There are also video tutorials for ‘marble effect’ using Photoshop and possibly other applications. The technique could be also used in krita I’m sure.

Having a brush that makes liquid ink effects is something I always desired. With particle brush it would just be amazing.

I used a program that did simulation for it but I think the simulation makes it too unstable if it is too real. Something less real and more normal would be better for performance and control over the ink.

Once I get to my pc I can post screenshots of what I mean.

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this is the program I was speaking of. I know this relays on GPU stuff to compute so it should be out of the table for Krita as is but something that would mimic it would be better I think. painting with this is stressful, at least to me.


the effect that I wanted was like this

I think this is what was asked on the initial post.

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Digital marbling techniques are around- there is someone on Udemy teaching a course on how to do marbling effects using Procreate with the liquify tools for example.

@EyeOdin that program (is it Verve?) is a bit similar to Expresii as well.

Yes it is verve.

You should try experimenting with the deform engine in the brush editor! It’s not quite the same, but it’s a start. I wish there was a way to add particle effects to the deform brushes or combine it with aspects of the color smudge engine.

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