Llama painting

I worked as fast as possible, and tried to do some dramatic lighting. There are two light sources on the painting.

What do YOU use for painting shadows and painting lights?


You can apply this technique for example

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Nice job!
I just paint the light and shadow like everything else. No fancy layers or blending modes. I’ve just found out that layer modes and such are good for few parts or just effects. Anything major and it gets really finnicky, not enough control (even when you use them in the first place to gain control) I do use layers some, but I pretty much merge them down immeadiately (my .kra files are really boring)


Sometimes I use blending modes. Like Multiply for the shadows and Luminosity for the Highlights (only once or maybe more not sure). Like @KIRE I just paint paint light and shadow like everything else mostly.

Nice painting by the way. I love the natural light look it has

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Nice ideas In my small drawings I tried both nice result

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I almost entirely used multiply for shadows, and overlay for light as Aaron describes it in the video. It used to be my habit on the Autodesk tools I used. It works, but experimenting is great for art. :slight_smile:

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I I tried a light layer please see