load image for new brush bug


image of brush does not change after clicking [load image] for save new brush.

to recreate problem:

  1. have an image file (like: appleicon.jpeg)
  2. click [save new brush present] for any brush, load image [appleicon.jpeg] and erase the ‘copy’ added
  3. icon in brush presents docker and in brush editor should change
  4. edit the image of [appleicon.jpeg] when i make brush icon, i edit in krita
  5. save the edited to same file name [appleicon.jpeg] >> do you want to replace? click yes
  6. repeat step 1-2
  7. see if the icon change for brush in brush present docker

system: windows 10
version: krita-nightly-x64-5.0.0-prealpha-1d04655f15-setup

tell me if it is part of windows system or it has been fixed :grin: it is small but might be troublesome for brush makers…?

hmmm nvm I think it is because krita 5 is still in work progress (since I cannot upload image for a few brushes now, not just because of the edited image problem) :sweat_smile: sorry

Do you mean that when you try to change the brush thumbnail on a brush by overwriting it with the same brush name it doesn’t work anymore? I experienced the same bug in Krita 5.0

There’s a thread to post any new Krita 5.0 resource bugs you find

yes, that is what it is! thanks for the thread :grin:

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