Local selection not working when added to group.

According to this post on reddit (admittedly a couple of years ago), it should be possible to add local selections to a group, rather than just a single layer.

In practice, this doesn’t work. I can’t even begin to explain why because the behavior is so erratic, but suffice it to say that while it works fine when adding local selections to a single layer, it does not work as intended when added to a group, (the objective being able to use the local selection in conjunction with any layer in the group, if that wasn’t obvious).

Is this a bug, or was the functionality removed? I’m using 4.4.8 but this was also the case on 4.4.5.

Thank you for reading!

I think the issue is that local selection is tied to the layer and in this case it looks at the group as the layer like all other masks do. So when you select a layer other than the group layer it turns itself off. We need more discussion on the behaviour of this I think.

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Yes, your assessment is probably right and yes, a discussion would be very welcome as having local selections that can work on any layer in a group would be such a tremendous boon to workflow that I can scarcely comprehend it.