Location under Development to ask development questions

The Develop category has subcategories titled Plugins, Feature Requests, Artists Feedback & Testing, and Krita Manual. I was hoping to see a place where I could ask questions about setting up and onboarding in Krita, but I don’t see one yet.

This site gets a lot of attention, so I think it would be a good idea to include a new subcategory for Develop > Developer Questions (or other preferable name). I’m thinking this site’s ease-of-use and visibility will help draw developers in; I know for one that I shy away when I have to get a lot of answers by word-of-mouth to truly onboard some technology. I think it may help (and I have build environment questions I need to ask.)

If this isn’t viewed as a useful addition, please recommend the best place to ask questions about development with Krita.

Good suggestion I was thinking about doing this too.

I have added the category #develop:developer-questions now :slight_smile: