Looking for portable tablet for art

I’m looking for portable tablet with pen support for making art, but this is very tough to learn about it.
I’ve looked at some popular choices:

  • iPad - some people recommended it, but I don’t want it because it has mobile system and I can’t even use Krita or Blender on it.
  • Surface Pro - seemed good choice for art, but seeing reviews, the pen makes ugly wave when drawing lines.
  • Wacom Mobile Studio - extremely expensive.

Are there any other choices? Can I get decent portable art tablet for no more than 1000$?

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My favourite recommendation is a Lenovo Yoga, but take care you get one that has a pen. We’re getting Yoga’s for all Krita’s full-time developers :slight_smile:

When I was looking for one I was about to get a Wacom Mobile Studio. All the reviews I read were very positive and most people preferred it over the iPad because they weren’t stuck in a gated App ecosystem, and could use whichever programs they like (like Blender and so on) or any OS they liked (like Linux), just like at home or in their studio. Since it is a complete portable computer you can do anything with it you would do with you normal PC like gaming for example (read a review of a guy playing The Witcher 3 on the Wacom Studio while commuting). A downside of the Wacom Mobile Studio is that it’s basically a Cintiq strapped to a PC and the Cintiq has some parallax issues (this however doesn’t bothers me much) compared to the iPad.

Unfortunately I can’t give you a first hand review since while evaluating it I came to the conclusion that I rarely do art on the go and do almost all work in my workshop. For mobile I use a simple sketchbook and a pencil. So in the end, I bought a UHD Cintiq. x3

The Wacom Mobile Studio is probably the biggest and most expensive one but it can really be a complete Studio with powerful hardware. I was very happy with Wacom products in the past and would probably buy this. You probably also have to ask yourself, if you need more then just a painting software.

I, or rather, the project has 16" Mobile Studio Pro, the most powerful model. I’m not too happy with it, though:

  • It’s really heavy
  • the screen gets really warm
  • already when we received it, it had a yellow spot in the top-right corner of the screen
  • the drivers regularly break their settings, the only way to restore that is backup your settings and restore them
  • it’s still not really powerful hardware. The CPU is dual core, four threads and has trouble handling any real load. The NVidia GPU doesn’t offer anything over the Intel GPU – but have buggy opengl drivers that are useful for testing purposes, though.
  • we got it late 2017, and late 2019 it broke down, despite having seen only very light use as a testing machine. It now overheats to the point where it’ll shut down after a few minutes of drawing. Cleaning with compressed air doesn’t fix that.

I’m currently using XP-PEN’s Artist 12 Pro, 11.6-inch display area with 3-in-1 cable.
It’s portable. Only power source you need is your laptop.
I bought it on their anniversary so I got it at a discounted price.The original price is $249.99 but they’re having a new year’s discount at the moment. So it’s well within your budget.

Artist 12 Pro