Looking to move from Adobe to Krita: what are the best brushes to install?

I’ve been using Kyle Webster’s Megapack on Adobe for years but I’m fed up with Adobe and looking to switch. Is there something of comparable quality to Kyle’s brush packs? It’s worth noting that while he does release some of them as ABRs which can be imported to Krita, the real power is using them as Tool Presets, and I’m not sure if that additional functionality will translate.

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I made my brush set because I was in the same situation, having used Photoshop for many years and missing my brushes when I moved over to Krita. Rakurri Brush Set started as a way for me to recreate my favourite Photoshop brushes and make my own that I wanted/needed! It isn’t nearly as large as Kyle’s collection, but I think it’s nice and it helped me move over (Though I am very biased haha)

I also have a list of all my favourite brush packs! It was only available for my Ko-fi subscribers but I have decided to make it free for you (and others)!

Hope this helps, and welcome to the Krita forum! :grin:


Thank you so much, this is great!

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