Lookit! I've made some art!

Hello everyone!

Up until very recently, I worked (almost) solely in watercolor on paper. A few weeks ago, I got a decent Huion Drawing Tablet, and since then have been learning how to use it and Krita. Here is what I’ve finished in that time:

For this one, I took a WIP image from an earlier artwork that never seemed finished, and ran it through. Lots of cleanup, lots more learning. I’m pretty satisfied with the end result.

And finally, the original version of this was messed up. I tried to make a kind of 3d image using foamcore. But the glue warped everything, and it looked pretty terrible. So I went to the Krita forums (not here, I was directed here by them), and asked for help learning how to align everything. Two days later, I have a final version that looks better (if a bit more green) than the original watercolor and foamcore monstrosity.

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