[macOS] An option to change the top-left button from Quit to Hide

This is a wish from the community.

On macOS, the [x] button on top-left is quitting Krita. But many macOS users have gotten used to clicking-to-hide the application. They are feeling the pain because Krita takes a long time to load on macOS.

Their wish is to have an option to change the top-left button from Quit to Hide.

pinging @IvanYossi for this request

Krita 5.0.0 should have faster startup times, btw.

Faster startup speed benefit by the resource management rewrite, I suppose? Cool!

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Yes - since Krita won’t be loading all the resources at once, just the database. First opening will be slower - because it needs to create the database and fill it up - but then, everything should be faster, hopefully.

In macOS hitting the [x] does not hide the window, it closes it. but the applicacion remains open. The idea is that you can generate new windows. Krita on the other hand was not designed with this idea mind, so closing the last window will cause the application to close. Other Qt based applications on macos fromlinux behave in the same way.

This is a change I would like to incorporate once the openGL/metal and other bigger issues are resolved.

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Thank you Ivan!