Make the R selection tool expand the layers tree even when the group layer is locked


I’ve been using Krita for about a year and it’s my go-to drawing and painting program. I’ve familiarized myself with the Krita Manual on how to raise feature requests.

One thing that appears from time to time is when I have to access a layer with the R tool (Selection mode: replace -- R) and I cannot, because it’s locked.

Current workflow

My typical workflow looks like this:

  1. Paint with multiple layers packed into multiple group layers

  2. Lock groups that no longer require edits

  3. Notice, that there’s some crud left by accident:

  4. Try using the R key to identify the culprit

  5. No effect

  6. Unlock all locked groups

  7. Use R again, this time jumping to the correct layer

  8. Erase crud

  9. Lock all group layers again

  10. Continue work

Expected result

  1. Paint with multiple layers packed into multiple group layers
  2. Lock groups that no longer require edits
  3. Notice, that there’s some crud left by accident
  4. Use R to jump to the correct layer
  5. Unlock the group hosting that one layer
  6. Erase crud
  7. Lock the group hosting that one layer
  8. Continue work


While this isn’t something that happens often to me, maybe it’s more common for others. Also: other users may have other use cases where this situation appears. The current situation breaks the flow of work, because the more locked groups I have, the longer it takes to hunt down the crud.

IMHO this adjustments would be only a change in an existing behavior and should not require coding a separate feature. The R key should only point to the layer without unlocking it. The decision whether to unlock should be made by the user. I see no harm in simply expanding the tree and pointing to the layer that contains the object.

Tested on Krita 4.2.8 Appimage on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Thank you,

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I agree with that… not sure why it would refuse to work in such situation.

I really have to ask - if this is to be implemented, make it possible to switch it off.
In my workflow which uses layer picking a lot, locking layers is essential to stating which layers I want to use anymore. It allows to avoid picking all the layers with overlay and other color modes, or just layers you no longer want to select this way.
I was sure that avoiding locked layers, was the core of the workflow with the layer picking tool, and never considered it a bug - and I’m quite sure it was intentional to make it possible to mark some layers without the need to introduce another boolean like “unpickable”.
So I am strongly against it to be honest - if you really need it, maybe you could make a separate tool like “pick a layer regardless of the locking”, but this isn’t a perfect solution either as you have more and more similar tools.


I agree with @wojtryb on this. Locking the layer means you are not able to select it. Often times we add multiple fill layers or opaque color filled layers with different blend modes say (multiply) to adjust colors. And we lock these layers to pick layers beneath them intentionally. Having the R select disregard lock will ruin this workflow.

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Oh :sweat_smile: I was unaware that this would mess up other workflows. Maybe since I’m not yet at such level.
So… don’t mind me.

No problem, don’t be sorry, it is for this reason devs encourage making post of the feature request. may be someone has better idea to solve both cases. let us see.