Making and testing the Android build from source?

I just now got a chance to test this out on my devices, and MAN this runs way smoother now!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3:
-This still does not display the top bar that contains the options like File, Edit, View…", but they are accessible via their keyboard shortcuts. otherwise, runs mostly great, barely any slowdown.
-occasionally erasing something does not erase it, but then when I try drawing over it that section of the canvas will refresh and what I erased is actually gone.
-certain tasks like moving taskbars would be practically impossible were it not for the wacom stylus being so precise, the UI spot you click to drag them around is so small.
-likely due to the screen resolution being so high.

Motorola G6:
-loaded just fine, but the UI did not scale well at all, I could not start a new canvas without getting creative. Didn’t bother drawing, this has no stylus.

Acer Chromebook Spin 11:
-Was able to install this without Developer mode. I’m running the Unstable branch, and one of the upcoming features in ChromeOS 82 is being able to use ADB in Linux to develop Android apps. I enabled that, opened up a linux terminal and was able to adb install the 32 bit version just fine.
-somehow ran just as well as the Samsung Tab S3, despite being a weaker device.
-lower resolution of the display fixes the issues with UI scaling.

Overall, after messing around for an hour or two, this is almost 100% usable for all my drawing/painting needs (after a bit of setup, of course). What’s getting in the way now is that certain keyboard shortcuts can’t be implemented, such as holding down shift while resizing something to keep proportions.

It might be a good feature request to add optional taskbar buttons for the missing functions, like to toggle shift or ctrl, or right click to toggle the radial menu.


Oh yes, that would be great!
For now there is the Touch docker but it doesn’t have modifiers…

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Here I am to tell you KRITA run on my plain Motorola e5 plus smartphone (64bit ver.). But the problem is, it is in “vertical” mode only (half screen visible).
Automatic switching to horizontal mode is warmly welcome. :slight_smile:

On all my Android devices, I am able to automatically rotate Krita without issue between landscape and portrait mode. If your device isn’t letting you, then perhaps your device has autorotation locked?

On phones, the user interface is definitely not usable in portrait mode yet, but I don’t think setting it to only landscape mode is the answer.

@Minstrel Yeah, you were right. I enabled screen-autorotate. And yes, Krita looks better. But still, I can not see the whole screen, unfortunately. :frowning:
If there’s is not possible to add “screen scaling”, maybe adding smart sliders to scroll screen would be useful? And what about making some on-screen keyboard to facilitate using this version of Krita?

If that’s useful info, I am on Android 8.

Proper screen scaling to where things fit properly on the screen is definitely going to happen. Might just take a bit of time.

I’m not a developer, but the view I get from following the devs is that there’s a lot of other work behind the scenes that has to take priority for a while. Once all that’s ironed out, I’m betting Krita for Android will be ready for public release really soon. The download links we got here are really a sneak peek before the project is ready.

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We’re going to hide Krita on the Google Play beta channel for smartphones because of this issue… the UI needs to be fixed a lot so it can fit a smartphone screen, unfortunately.

Tested on Samsung galaxy Tab A 2019.
i had to change the my tablet phone Dpi on developer option to get the Krita GUI scale right.
but it Runs pretty well and stable.

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Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite. It works, though with major slowdowns, and sometimes it freezes. But for pixel art it’s better than even more glitchy Pixly.


If G’MIC-QT was supported on Android version of Krita, actually, I may be able to have fun filtering images from using Krita in a phone. Still wouldn’t be convenient, but still way more fun than what’s possible in Krita in a such a small screen.

Hello Everyone! Does Python scripting or Python plugins work on the Android build? If not, is it planned? I tried sh-zam’s arm-32 apk on my Android phone (Nokia 1). It works, but due to the issue with the dialogue windows that are to big for a smartphone screen it’s impossible to acess half of the settings, including the area where the Python plugin manager would be. Menu→Tools→Scripts is empty.
I think Python plugins could be really handy for prototyping more touch-friendly UIs.


Hello again, I’d want to inform you KRITA works quite OK on Huwei’s MediaPad M3 Lite 10 tablet (on Android 7).
As you can see, starting page is nearly cut at below, but I was able to click OK to start. :slight_smile:
Painting is pretty fast, but there is no pressure effect (painting is “flat”). Perhaps it is due to possible hardware limitations (?), looks like it hasn’t got any sensitive screen as iPad has, I guess.
As for Krita for Android itself, it lacks (of course) some options like fast color picking when pressing cursor at one place for a long time. There are no upper menu as in Windows version, etc.
But in general is looks quite promising. :slight_smile:


If you click at the three dots in the top right, you could access the menu, :smile:

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On the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7" tablet, the top bar with the three dots does not show; the top of the screen shows the toolbars, starting with the new/open/save icons on the left. If I use an external keyboard, then ‘Alt-F’ brings up the “File” menu (but not the top menu).

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I use the same tablet, a Galaxy Tab S3. I have the same issue, thank you for confirming it’s not just me!

@aaribaud @Minstrel May I please know the Android version running on your tablets?


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (SM-T820)
One UI version: 1.1
Android version: 9
Security patch dated 2019-08-01

Don’t hesitate to ask for more detail.

Excuse me but, I downloaded android build 64 bit and it seems cool and the layout is perfect however I can barely seem to even create a file and draw. It’s mostly because I can’t edit the canvas settings, like my keyboard doesn’t show up. And some of the tools are out of sight.

Help??? Or like update it plz???

Edit: also I think there should be a back button to return where I last was. And I heard that you guys were aware of the ratio problem, So is there gonna be another built soon?

It’ll look small, but you can have less cramped space by changing your Android device’s dpi settings. Go to settings > developer options (enable dev options also) > minimum width.

Yes, we are aware of this problem. Unfortunately the solution to this would be a full UI rework, at least for tablet/mobile devices. This is something on our minds, but isn’t something that which is going to be fixed immediately.

You could try what @98adus9823dse suggests:

And increase the number under minimum width and then go to Krita and then turn off highDPI scaling. Then you can revert back the minimum width.

(but bear in mind that changing phone’s DPI settings can change your Homescreen Layout.)

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