Making and testing the Android build from source?

I tried an hour or 2 so far and here is what I noticed:

Device: Galaxy Tab A10.1 with stylus 2016 version (64bit ARM processor)

4.3 version mentioned on top:


  • 64bit fails to install, 32bit works
  • S Pen stylus button does not work. I was able to disable the touch and use stylus only, but the button doesn’t work. It goes straigth to “Samsung’s Air Command” instead of what I hotkey.
  • I ran into an issue where the brush choices GUI became invisible, I could still pick the brush changes but I can’t see what I pick.
  • In portriat mode, I can’t see the OK button with opening up configure krita. This is probably because the tablet is 16:10 ratio instead of 4:3 maybe?

I’ve also tried the newer 4.2 build, and all the bugs were still there. (Though I have not used it long enough to see if the invisible brush gui still happens, I’ll see if I can find how I did it)

General Complaints:

  • The top navigation is a waste of space, I don’t mind clicking the 3 dots to get to the menu, but having just the logo there and the 3 buttons feels like it just uses up space.

  • The right menu with all the layers and tool options needs a minimum mode. It takes up a lot of space for no reason. I like it how other editors do it where you just see the layers as small boxes and when you click more, the whole thing pops up.

Effectively it would be nice to have a focus of being able to draw, change layers, change colors and brushes as a minimalist mode, then pressing a button would expand them to give finer controls.

That’s it for now, but overall I think you’ve done an excellent job!

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Previous APK doesn’t have such bug. My device is Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite (BAH2-L09). Android 8. Any scaling mode. I don’t know what my bit depth is, i didn’t change it. Here is an example of problematic file: James.kra

Thanks! I can reproduce this.

I found what code is making this happen. However, I can’t figure out why it doesn’t happen with my other files…

Bug report: Krita will crash when attempting to “save as” a Krita document containing a File Layer. To reproduce, do what I mentioned in the previous sentence.

Hello! @sh-zam I just wanna say that your work on porting Krita to Android is very much known widely in the community of digital artists. Many who dwell in the android ecosystem feel like they are indeed stuck in the past, as art apps offered in the playstore are just not good enough.

This is definitely the turning point in the development of android art apps. And I for one, really appreciate your work and am thankful for every step you take to make it possible for Krita not to only be the best, but also to be the only ART APP for android that pro artists can recommend.

It’s quite a treat to be using this on my phone too. But the basic functions are there. And it’s nice!

Things I noticed:

  1. The scrolling feature on the toolbox is pretty smooth. It makes it so much quicker in selecting tools.
  2. The menu button (3 dots on the top right) really takes up space. It would be nice if it can be placed in the tool bar as well. Or in any other place, just to remove the big top bar.
  3. Undo / redo button would be nice if it used gesture shortcuts… like 2 finger tap - undo, and 3 finger tap - redo.
  4. The brush sometimes freezes after creating a few strokes. (Tho I think that lag or freezing problems are caused by my mediocre device.)
  5. Blending is amazing.
  6. Would be nice to have an option to remove the scroll bar in the canvas, since you can just pinch and zoom with touch.

I used Nova 2i in testing the app. With 450 dpi. But would use this on an android tab after official release.

Edit: I changed the dpi of my phone to default, and the lag from the brush disappeared.


Thanks for the kind words!

I am aware of this and want it gone too. I have taken a shot at removing it in the past and in a janky way way, fixed it. I will take a look at it again and see if I can fix it once and for all.

(Till then you can press full screen either in bottom left or from the three dots and press back button to exit it.)


I’ve been trying out Krita for only a couple of hours and I think I observed a bug.

When I draw a line right after I rotate my canvas, the stroke of the line stops in a point after the “rotating degree” toast or message box disappears. And Im not lifting my finger from the screen.

I continue to draw a line and still not moving my finger away from the screen, no stroke will be registered.

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And then when I move my finger away, and then touch the screen for the second time, a line will connect the tip of the last stroke to the beginning of my new stroke indicating that it was one line all along.

I just wanted to confirm that the top bar is not shown on Galaxy Tab S3 (tested the early access build on Play Store and some daily builds from Is there some other way to get to the menu without connecting a keyboard (mainly to get to the settings)?

@sh-zam Thanks for the awesome work! I tried a couple of the (much earlier) builds last year, and the difference is just phenomenal!

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Which APK should we use as far as bug reporting goes? The ones posted here? The binary-factory ones? The Google Play ones? Or does it not matter?

I’d suggest to use the play store ones (or in near future the F-Droid ones). The ones posted here, are signed by me. So, they will conflict with the play store ones.

If I want a quick review (google’s release process can be a pain). I will post an APK, which I will get signed from boud, to stay consistent :slight_smile:


The signed android apk’s are here:

“The folder ‘/boud/android’ doesn’t exist.”

I sense an access control setting issue.

Try this,

Whatever that link is, it’s not going to contain an APK signed for Google Play, right?

It is the APK that was signed for Google Play.

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Apologies then. Judging by the obfuscated URL, I wasn’t sure that it was an alias of the official one.

I have similar issue when i press “Save”

@boud is there a chance to get it on I wanted to give the link to someone but giving a random Dropbox link on a random subreddit when I cannot even mark it as a mode or anything looks quite bad… and it seems like there are people who want to try it on their phones regardless, for example one saying that their phone is huge, so maybe it’ll be working. Or that they want to try Samsung Dex. Or anything.

This is a standard Krita option under Settings -> Display -> Miscellaneous -> Hide Canvas Scrollbars.
Working for me on Android.