Making Brushes Part 4.General Options

The part 4 is ready. if you are interested brush making you need to understand GENERAL OPTIONS.

i am working already in COLOR OPTIONS and SOURCES. and then we will go deeper with TEXTURE OPTIONS and MASKED OPTIONS ( i love this part.) and above this you decide with your feedback if you want to go deeper.
Please let me know your feedback (there in Youtube is better for promotion Algorithm if i am right. )
I know is long but i wanted to explain everything with examples and detail. If you are following the videos in sequential order you will create the next-gen brushes in Krita. :slight_smile:


will there be anything about how to create pattern from scratch?

Just look the part 1 at the end. I give some interesting tricks. And yes it will be a video for that. covering other ways. What are you interested in?

I’m interested in how best to set the rgba brushes for color mixing. I sorta did it (set to parallel mode) but it could be better for larger sizes. It gets sluggish when set to a larger size. I have set the spacing to a larger amount but it made an undesirable appearance.

So: how best to set rgba color mixing and how best to achieve smooth results at larger sizes.

If you want to take a look at the brush I made, so you can refer to it, it’s now in the Resources section of this forum.

Part 4 is really useful, there are some options I didn’t really understand till now. Thanks Ramon!

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Based on my own tests, there is no way to achieve speed-quality without more coding for color mix and optimizing speed. Take into account that RGBA is not only a brustip that paints. So more calculation is involved.
One thing that i would like to have is Masked Brushes in Color-smudge but again is more coding