Mako L5R character (Crab clan)

Made to illustrate my character for a rpg (Legend of the 5 rings)


One critique I would give is that the lower half of the image is too dark. I would suggest keeping it slightly less dark and adding some details inside the shadows. Now the center of attention is pulled towards the bottom after the face. For the face, I would add some blue/purple highlights on the face too.


thanks for the critique :wink:
i don’t like the shadow part too, i’ll try to make it better.

The layout is good, keep the shadow part just lower the darkness and add details in there. It will give the onlooker more things to gaze and enjoy

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maybe few torches along the wall?! flying embers!

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@raghukamath @Shivang i tried to apply your hints, i think it’s better now, thanks both :wink: