managing audio in timline

hello i’m facing a problem with managing audio in krita. when I add an audio into krita there’s nothing i can do with this audio. i can’t make it shorter by some handle or move the audio in timeline or even add 2 audio in same time.


Is it a question about a problem?

Or a feature request?
Then if it’s a feature request, describing what you can’t do is not the right way to follow.

You can read guide for feature requests here:


If it’s a question, the answer is quite simple: “there is no way to do that” :slight_smile: For now you need to use an external video editor or sound editor for that.

well I’m talking about a feature that doesn’t exsit, so I consider it as a feature request.
you are right, I should describe it more clear.

Sure I do use other editors to do that.
Still I hope developers add audio manager to timeline so we can handle the timing or add extra audio in same time or move the audio to further seconds.
thank you for answering.