Map displace...

Sorry to bother with a simple question, but I cannot find the “Map Displace” or “Map Displacement” in Krita nor in G’MIC

Where should I look?

GIMP has Filters → Map → Displace

I know, I just want to find it/do it in Krita

I don’t think krita has it :frowning:

Are you sure?
Sorry to ask, but because It’s an important tool for drawing, painting and image manipulation, before to make a feature request, I would like to be sure that there is no Map Displace…

Are you using 4.4.e3
If s krita doesn’t consist it

I had what I think was a good look around for it, including in the manual, but couldn’t find it.
If you make a feature request here and it turns out that it does exist somewhere, you’ll be told that and we’ll both be embarrassed but it won’t be a big deal.

Yep, I agree no big deal :grin:

Thanks every one for your inputs