Mastering brush settings

Are there any sources (video or step by step text with images) other than the manual that runs through all the various setting available under every brush available? I found a few videos on youtube but they run through only the basics.
I am still trying to understand which setting triggers what change as a newbie. Maybe someday I can create my own brushes :smiley:

I’m sorry for you, but there are no shortcuts.
This means you’ve to try out each and every setting by yourself , using the paint area of the brush settings window, adjust, paint, adjust more, paint, ect.
The brush window offers several brush engines, stick with the Pixel engine to begin with

Videos are just useful if you’re already aware of the possible features of the brush engines, and help you to memorize and confirm what you already discovered by yourself

It takes a while to master brushes and I know that from personal experience
Check out Ramon Miranda, (look at the subforum Resources) he is the expert on this forum for brushes and brush presets.
Read his posts, try out his careful crafted brushes, learn from his settings if you like, and try over and over again to learn things.

Also, check out brushes from other people who uploaded brushes and brush preset resources and learn more.
Learning is the trick of you want…

Artists have different needs so you won’t find exactly what you need if you’re a serious artist. Brushes and - presets are very subjective

If you’re using krita for fun, you’ll have a hard time to understand how to create a brush because you need to know how real world brushes work to get what you want digitally.
In this latter case, experiment with the default brushes, they are not bad to learn how things work.

Just go straight to Krita Manual: it’s not in video form but it’s always up to date (or at least we try to keep it that way) and it has examples etc. too.