MB Starter Pack 2021v4 Recreation for Krita

This is Marc Brunets photoshop brush set remade for krita. you will need the original brush set for this one to work and you can find it at his store on cubebrush, it is the free starter pack


Downloadable here too FREE Brush Set by MarcBrunet on DeviantArt
nvm thought the download was the pack but its just the image. i was having trouble on mobile to get it free on the cubebrush site. got it on my PC

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Thanks for the sharing but I don’t understand why we need the PSD version - and how to manage it.

You will (probably) need them as Brush-Tips (I haven’t installed them by now, so I can’t say it definitely, but that is the one and only reason I can think of). They can be imported via the resource-management of Krita, or by copying them manually into the folder “brushes” in Krita’s resource-folder.


OK thanks.

yes that is why you need them and i will make it so you dont need the original

really like the brushes. this was made mostly using the legendary one with some filter effect
And water color pattern overlay layer and filter

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nice! im glad you like them

So, Marc’s original PS file goes into Manage Resources > Brush Tips, is that correct?
Also, I think there might be a brush missing in your port…? I counted 16 brushes/brush tips on Marc’s original file but, there only seem to be 15 brushes in yours. Am I missing something? Did I do something wrong?

Correct, you can import it via ‘‘Settings’’ >> ‘‘Manage Resources…’’ >> ‘‘Import Resources’’.
Alternatively, you can import it as a bundle too, then you have to go via ‘‘Settings’’ >> ‘‘Manage Resource Libraries…’’ and import it there, Krita allows both ways for ABR’s.

I don’t know much about ABR’s, but it may be that they do not only contain brush tips but also patterns, like Krita does, and if that is the case, then you could probably find more PNG’s in an ABR as brushes, but that is guessing.


Oh, I didn’t know that. That’s pretty nice from Krita! :smiley:

So, Marc’s Hair brush (the one I believe to be missing) could technically be your MB Lineart Bold but maybe with different settings?

To answer that, I would have to have Photoshop, or some other software that fully supports ABR’s, to be able to look at Marc Brunet’s set in the original.
I can’t rule it out, only @sadinwilfbin can.


Thank you so much! These are working on my Krita 5.x | x64 | Linux Mint.
I Placed the Brush ABR in my:
I then placed my Bundle in:

I imported the Bundle via the Resource Manager and restarted Krita.
They work Great!

I’ve stored both Files in my Dropbox Cloud, so I don’t have to re-register to the Newsletter to download.
It’s okay though, because I’m already a member :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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yes you are right that the hair one is missing and i will include it as soon as i can
I’ve just been really busy lately and that is one reason that i have not been able to respond but i am free now and will fix it

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