Medieval References

This post is for those who like drawings related to the Middle Ages. The makes these illustrated dictionaries available completely free of charge. You can consult them online or download them if you wish. The books are divided into several volumes.

To access, simply click on the titles below. When you open the page, you will see a list of volumes: unfortunately it will not be arranged in numerical order. Click on one of them to open a volume. If you want to download it, go to the bottom right corner of the page: there will be a list of file formats, choose one of them.

• Dictionnaire raisonné du mobilier français de l’époque carlovingienne à la Renaissance - There are six volumes in total. Volume 5, for example, contains illustrated material on armor and weapons:

• Dictionnaire raisonné de l’architecture française du XIe au XVIe siècle - Complementing the previous collection, this one focuses on architecture, furniture and other elements of the period. There are ten volumes:


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