Messed up keyboard and mouse settings

Hello! New here and I’m coming here with a strange problem. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I don’t know if it’s specifically Krita that does this to my computer but after i draw on the program for a good while it suddenly starts to act weird. Basically the brush turns into a color selector even though i have the brush selected and i can’t hide or show my layers insteas when i click on the layers it selects the ones i click. It ususally starts with a mysterious new layer i didn’t even add (but i notice this later). Also the problem doesn’t stop after closing Krita, when i first experienced this i tried to google how to fix it and when i started typing it started doing other things like saving the new page as a bookmark and as a file. But fortunately i can save the piece I’ve been working on and restarting my computer fixes it. I have no idea what to do other than that. (i am not very good with computer stuff :frowning: )
Thank you for anyone who can tell me what’s happening or how to fix this.

:slight_smile: Hello @petrascythe, and welcome to the forum!

This sounds really strange.
Have you possibly had granted someone access to your PC with a program such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Remote Desktop, or similar software? I’m asking because it sounds to me like someone has remote access to your computer, plays a macabre game with you.

So, just to rule it out, could you please try to disable your internet-connection while you are painting, or even better, before you boot up your PC and begin painting? If you use LAN for internet-access, then pull the LAN-cord or power-off your router, and if you use wireless-internet, disable it (or power-off your router) before your next Krita session. Did this help?

And please tell us from where you got your copy of Krita, which version of Krita is it and which operating system do you use.


Add: If this isn’t the case, we have to dig deeper and in other directions.

It going to color picker is usually either you pressing Ctrl for the temporary color selector or p for the color picker tool.

Unless by color selector you mean the popup palette, a circle with a color selector and brushes that would be caused by windows understanding a long press as a right click.

The other problem sounds like you are in isolated layer mode, right click a layer and uncheck isolate layers.

I have heard reports of mysterious new layers, which would indicate insert being pressed.

I am describing the shortcuts just so you might try to check if something in your computer that might be sending this signals. I honestly don’t know what exactly can be causing all this.

Has been a while since i heard these problems though, which version of krita are you using?

@LunarKreatures, have you read this too?

That was it what makes me wonder…


I did but I really have no idea, what it can be. Krita doesn’t really send keyboard signals to the os. Makes me wonder if it’s a problem with the keyboard.

Makes me wonder some sort of virus but if the person downloaded it from the official krita website that wouldn’t be the problem either.

I removed the virus part from my first text afterwards, but I had also considered it a malware, only the described behavior is an extremely unusual behavior for a today’s virus. Today, criminal-economic interests are behind the programming of such malware – normally.

But this reminds me more of the time in the mid 80s to late 90s when the so-called script kiddies had fun “taking over” other users PC’s to remote control those other PC’s while the user sat in front of it just to annoy the users, show him his powerlessness and feel great about it.
I am quite at a loss about this.


I’ll add my thoughts and questions …

Are you using only a mouse or do you also use a graphics tablet?
If you have a graphics tablet, which make and model is it?

Is your mouse an ordinary mouse or is it a fancy mouse (maybe a ‘gaming’ mouse) that has its own special driver that you installed?

Is your keyboard an ordinary keyboard or is it one of those fancy hyperdimensional gaming keyboards that has its own driver?

If you have a fancy mouse then it may be generating random stuff or even having a fight with the graphics tablet driver, if you have a graphics tablet.

Similar considerations apply to a fancy keyboard.

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This reminds me when I bought a brand new Lenovo B50-80 laptop in 2016, the keyboard input sometimes will all messed up until restart it. The problem happened in a few days and disappeared, never show up again until now.
And I still don’t know what’s the cause.


Thanks for everyone trying to help me figure this out! Here i’ll try answering all questions you had about it.
So what i use is a Lenovo ideapad laptop, a huion kamvas 16 pen display tablet as well as just regular mouse.
I downloaded Krita from the original website and I haven’t used any softwares such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Remote Desktop or stuff like that and noone uses my laptop other than me. I’ll try to disbale internet connection though today while I’m drawing on Krita to see if that makes a difference as @Michelist suggested.
I’ll also update Krita since this might just be the problem although i never thought that could cause things like this, and I’ll tell you if that solves it.

@LunarKreatures Yes thank you it’s the color picker not selector, but when it starts messing up i usually don’t do anything other than drawing on the tablet, aka not pressing any buttons.

So i do think it might be that i’m using an old version (v 4.1.5 yikes I never thought to check for updates since i downloaded it), but I’ll keep you posted!

Again thanks for everyone’s suggestions!

The problem could be the Huion driver itself: an update can cause these problems… or fix them. It depends on the case.

The company where I worked bought a Wacom, I installed the driver that came on the CD. The tablet worked fine. Then, naturally, I went to update the driver. result: the tablet started to show faults. :smiley:

In a forum I saw that many users had the same problem… and going back to using the old driver solved it.

That’s why I said it: depends on the case. Search the Huion forum, if any, or any other for information…

Hmmm okay. What if i haven’t updated my driver yet? Could that also cause issues like this?
Just to rule the easier fix out i’ll use a different drawing program and see if it happens there too, then i’ll know for sure if it’s the tablet. Thank you for the tip! (updating krita didn’t solve it :frowning: )

A problematic driver always generates errors… and also affects many users. So, if the cause is really the driver, there will be some information available, on the internet.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to detect the cause. I have an old Wacom Bamboo, it works great in Krita… while in Gimp and Inkscape it has problems! I was forced to disable the tablet for these two programs.

What irritates me is that you had these problems even after quitting Krita, in my eyes this rules out Krita as the cause.

It could also be peripherals, so consider ArtViking’s tip, if you have a mouse with rechargeable batteries, or if your stylus is battery or rechargeable battery based, then charge those devices or install fresh batteries.

Because the harping on the driver doesn’t end, I have a question, “Were you also using your tablet to browse the internet when these events happened in the browser, or were you using the monitor and mouse for that?”
I only believe in the tablet driver, when you surf the net with the tablet, so if there is an update for it, then I would install it, maybe it fixes your issue.

Actually, we’re just poking around in the fog here, at least in my eyes.


Yeah it’s probably that, i started not using the tablet’s shortcut buttons and now it doesn’t happen. It’s a little inconvenient now to draw like that but it’s fine.

• petrascythe: For many commands you can assign shortcuts in Krita. For example, I use the Transparency Mask a lot: so I assign the shortcut F4 to it. I use this same shortcut for Gimp’s Layer Masks, it saves time. :slight_smile: