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Hi @raghukamath

Website category has been renamed Meta?

I’m not sure to understand what Meta means… :thinking: :cold_sweat:


Yes I renamed it from site-feedback to Meta. Meta means about itself. Here we will be discussing about the forum itself so it is “Meta”. If this is a bit awkward or not recognizable. We can change the name.

In general I have seen meta used where a forum wants to refer to itself. For example the forum about discourse itself is

The stack exchange about stack exchange is called meta too.

It unfortunately let me think about the Meta of Mark Z.

And I have to confess, I didn’t know about the signification of “itself”

Site feedback was clear for me
Meta is clearly not understandable for me

Even after reading wikipedia article about meta semantic :roll_eyes:

But ok, now I know what it means I know this is about KA site feedback



Yea, he ruined so much stuff again, just by chooseing that name. It’s speculated that it’s on purpose to later sue competitors where that’s already an established term (meta gaming, meta discussion, meta fandom, metaphysics, etc.).

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@Takiro I’ve set up a company called ‘Para’ and will now sue every paratroop regiment, paramedic organisation, paralegal office and paranormal investigator that I can find.


And when you’re a multi billion dollar company you probably get away with it, too.

Where I live Apple successfully sues anything that remotely looks or sounds like an apple and isn’t too close to be the actual fruit for copyright infringement.

Even if it isn’t facebooks goal it’s obvious that they try to capture the terms.

I can’t say I see the point of changing a self-explanatory title to something more obscure. I mean - I’m English, and I didn’t understand it without you explaining. The only times I hear that word used are in relation to said company, or the ‘metaverse’, or when trying to find out what the weapons of choice are in an online multiplayer game (the current meta)! :upside_down_face:

edit: It just occurred to me there are many words in English that use meta as a prefix. It doesn’t change my opinion, but it does muddy my argument! :yum:


I feel reassured that I’m not the only one to not understand the meaning of meta term in this context :blush:


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I don’t have any strong reason of intention to change its name. If it is a issue I can change it back to site feedback :slight_smile:

Since it is not just about feedback and will have other discussion regarding krita artists , I thought meta would be suitable. I do not use facebook so It didn’t occur to me at first that people will relate it to that :slight_smile:


Maybe the site feedback category can be completed with sub-categories in this case?

Something like this


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“Meta discussions” will be much more clear already, I think. I was also confused what this “Meta” is supposed to be about - but with a noun that Meta refers to, it will be more clear.

It could just be “Site discussions” too, maybe? Or the subcategories, though, it might not be enough topics to warrant subcategories.



I agree :slight_smile:

But I think it could be useful to have a category for as there’s sometime questions about (or other sub-sites like Krita - Krita Painting application,,, …) and it could be useful to have a dedicated place here for these questions


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