Microsoft is making money out of krita

So today I tried to download krita on the Microsoft surface go, which is in the s mode(secure mode ) and because it’s on that mode it wanted me to pay 10€ for krita , I wanted to contact this so you just know that Microsoft is making money out of your free programm !
I hope this information was useful. I tried it in a store so I don’t really have images , sorry.

Hi, no, it’s fine - it’s Krita Foundation putting Krita on the Windows Store for several reasons. It is paid in the Windows Store and Steam and the profits goes into Krita development. It is like 2/3 of the price, so of course it’s better to just download from the website and donate the 10 euro if someone wants to pay that much, but if you buy on Steam or Windows Store, you can get automatic updates. (Other than that, it’s exactly the same Krita as on the website).

Since you have this limited version of Windows, you cannot download the free version and you need to buy it there if you want to use it… :frowning: There are some ways to unlock Windows S to get the full version of Windows and you can always try to get a Linux USB with free Krita appimage (that would work even better than on your Windows), but it’s a bit more technically advanced.

There are often people that prefer buying programs out of stores and there are also people who likes automatic updates and supporting Krita development at the same time, which we are really grateful for.