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I always use a Key+Drag to quickly resize the brush size, and many many times, I want to jump from a bigger size to the minimun, but for most brushes, going all the way to the minimun sets the brush size to 0.01 and paints nothing!.. so I am forced to go to either going to the slider and manually input “1” or, in this context, using the brush size shortcut also sets it to 1, but i find this particular context a bit cumbersome… if the keys only go to 1, shouldn’t the “drag” method have the same behaviour and not go

I would love to just to use key+drag and have the brush size at 1…

But it would be also useful to have a min & max value sliders accessible right in the main interface, maybe in the “tool options” panel?

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For this you could either use the “Quick Settings Docker”, then you would also have some intermediate sizes to choose from and this works for every brush-preset, or if it’s only one, two, three up to five brush-presets, you could create two presets of each of them, one big brush and one small one, and call these presets via the shortcuts of the “10 Brushes” plugin. Both, the “Quick Settings Docker” and the “10 Brushes” plugin, are built in into Krita.


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Thanks! “Quick Settings” would be extra interesting if the presets could have a hotkey tho, so I could set a short cut to set any brush to 1.

Then try the 10 brushes plugin, there you call every of the 10 slots via a shortcut.


@zafio Go to Settings >“Canvas input settings” and on “Change Primary Settings” , change the “Shift +Left Button” (or anything else if you changed it) action from “Normal” to "Snap. This way the brush will always change to round numbers and go to a minimum of 1 when dragged down.


This is a interesting idea I will do this for Tela but I will not be updating it any time soon it has some other issues I need to solve.

Well, after some time using the snap option I’ve to say it’s not really an ideal solution… changing the size frequently feels “clunky” it’s difficult to fine tune on small diameters…

So again, Min-Max size option in the tool options panel would be ideal… so if I’m working on a small resolution like a small texture I can just set it to 1 to 32… and if I’m working on a big image I would disable it…

And to choose from the Quick Settings Docker isn’t enough?


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Having to move the cursor to that panel constantly to choose 1 it’s not the most comfortable thing… but it will have to do for now I guess! thank you!

He-he, I mentioned this one in my first reply. LOL


I know! I didn’t forget… but I just tested again and it and it is really uncomfortable if you need to jump from 1px to different sizes, constantly… feels like changing colors before color selector popups were a thing…
I think the “smoothest” way (for me) to set it to 1px, is to remap “decrease brush size” hotkey to something close to the ctrl+z area (where my hand rests) and just press it after dragging all the way to the left… :man_shrugging:

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