[minor bug] Krita 4.3 Color picker ignores tool options

Hello I’m using Krita 4.3 beta.

I just noticed that the color picker ignores the tool options when it’s used by ctrl-clicking with a brush.
Example: if I select the color picker and set it to “Sample Current Layer” it works and I can pick a correct color from a layer in overlay mode. BUT when i switch to the brush tool and try to select a color it defaults back to “Sample all layers” mode. So I cannot sample the current layer by control-clicking with a brush.

This makes the entire greyscale to color workflow hugely impractical in Krita because I cannot select the right color from the overlay layer.

I think this has been reported: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=419715

Can you check that bug report and make sure it covers your points.
If not then you can sign up and log in and add a comment if needed.

Actually, I think you need to use Ctrl+Alt to pick in the case you want.
The Ctrl picker is independent of the Toolbox picker.

Oh I was actually wrong and your post contains solution to my problem.
Turns out ctrl+alt selects from the current layer with the brush tool, I thought I couldn’t do that.

Thanks a lot.

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