Mirror + Fuzzy

I hesitated to put this in feature requests, cause I already posted two of them, so I don’t wanna seem like I’m spamming. And maybe it’s just me missing something.
But I feel with the Mirror Brush setting when set to Fuzzy Dab or Fuzzy Stroke, the curve parameter is a little confusing. I’m not sure how it works. Wouldn’t it be better represented as a percentage (chance to mirror or not)? And maybe a different % value for horizontal, vertical, or both.

As long as it’s genuine and sensible (or just genuine), there’s no reason to worry about creating a feature request.

You’re right that the Mirror brush output value is an all or nothing thing and not a continuously varying state.
However, the transfer curve diagrams are all standard construction, with a curve and labels in certain positions, so it’s tricky to make it obvious (or less obscure) what it all means.

If the output is above 50%, it’s mirrored. If below 50%, it’s not.

Maybe an explanation in the manual would be a good place to do that?