MLP madness

you have to make anything MLP

draw your mlp oc. challenge 1

I dont think it belongs tk the artworks category, :slight_smile:

my first one srry

no problem, I also see you posted twice for the same thing, could you delete one of them, :upside_down_face:

ok, how?

there are three dots below your first post, you can click them and the delete button will pop up

ok thx :grin:

ok, it’s deleting. :slightly_smiling_face: btw, before you go, can you tell me how to access the drawing menu? I can’t seem to find it.

whats the drawing menu?

srry, wrong wording. *the canvas

Click on “File -> New” it will ask for the size, you can refer to the manual,

Ok, thanks :sweat_smile:

The idea of the original post could be posted under #contest-games-collab:art-games-duels although not strictly an art game its the category that fits best.

theres just yall having a full convo