Mohana the Frogrider

Hello ! This is my first entry here !
Mohana walks the swamps with her loyal Djœmper, to map the world around her and her tribe.

Thanks to Krita devs, the app is fantastic !!


Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That’s a wonderfully detailed painting with a lovely palette.
I notice that Djœmper has seen some rough action in the past.

I was hoping that the ‘Summary’ expanded text would contain a more detailed back story.
Maybe you could write one later :slight_smile:

Hello ! thank you for your comment ! Gla d that you appreciate !

I’m a newbee here, so I did’nt know waht to do with this “Hidden details”…
Maybe i’will take some time to write the back history of those two unusual friends :wink:

omg, i really like the froggie, loveeeyaaa, so nice

Djœmper thanks you a lot ! It’s colors drived me crazy. Too green, too brown, the textures… Even it looks simple, I tried many ways…