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Hi All, i have a really short question. Why is there no option for use system monitor profile in the preference in color management? In the manual book there is an option called this. There is no option for this in the tab general, display or soft proofing for use system monitor profile :wink:

I use 4.4.2 beta 2 on macOS, I am only able to choose a profile per display under the display tab. And I couldn’t see my monitor profiles there.

Thanks in advance, Ralbur


I am not familiar with the macOS version of Krita, but on windows and Linux you can set the monitor profile in the tab shown in the following printscreen:

Does yours look different?

PS: You have to provide the monitor profile for you monitor(s) by yourself.

Okay then the Krita Manual Entry is old:
Use System Monitor Profile:
This option when selected will tell Krita to use the ICC profile selected in your system preferences.

So this option is not longer available? I have to select the monitor profile manually in the scroll down menu?

I ask cause I couldn’t see any of my monitor profile there, and I thought this option should fix it that krita auto uses the right monitor profile from system preference then. You understand me? When you read the manual, there should be one more option like a checkbox that Krita autoload the profile in system preference, and not in the list in the display/screen you selected.

Which profile is your OS using?

I assume that if there is no specific system profile set, then you will not be able to do make use of this setting. But, the only way to do this I know is the way I mentioned.

I have two screens, one profile is called iMac, and the second is called CintiqPro24P in the system preferences from macOS. But I couldn’t see it in krita in the drop down list.

A quick search brought this up:

On Mac OSX profiles are located at one of the following two locations:
Mac HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles - if located here all users can use them, but only admin users and authenticated installers can add or remove them.
Mac HD/Users//Library/ColorSync/Profiles - profiles in this location can only be used by this user.

source: ICC Profile Locations on Mac and PC Operating Systems (

I hope this helps, I’m afraid I can’t help you any further.

Thanks, i will try this to load it manually later. By the way should i use this profile for the canvas too? Or what is suggestet to use as canvas color profile?

For the Image is sRGB V2 recommended.

I also highly recommend to check this:

Starting Krita — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

and escpecially this:

Basic Concepts — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

Please also always check for answers with the search tool on the top right of this page before opening a topic with a new question. You’ll find there lots of already answered questions and solved problems.

No, it’s just not available on Windows, and I guess not available on MacOS, either. On Linux we use colord to figure out the color profile but other systems might not have those kinds of services. That means that for other systems you need to manually select the appropriate profile.

Krita should see all the lcms-comptatible profiles. If it doesn’t see them, it’s either that they’re not compatible or they’re not in place that Krita is looking for them. If that happens, try to find the most similar profile.

For canvas, you don’t need to use the same profile. Using the default sRGB (RGB/Alpha, 8bit/int, srgbtrc-elle profile) is enough.

I tried to load the monitor profile manually by importing the icc profile, then i saw only one new profile in krita called Display and not two. I figuret then out that both have the same name/label, have to edit the profile label with the color profile manager from macOS (not the file name) that the intern shown name fits to the monitor. Now i see both in Krita and it works. Thanks for the help.

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