Monthly Art Contest - August 22 - Kiki Fanart - WIPS and Discussion

@raghukamath and/or any admins; here is the WIP for this month’s contest. Please move this thread accordingly. Thank you.

My wips:


I love seeing your WIPs. Thanks for posting them.

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This thread can be used by everyone for posting wip of monthly art contest. Thanks for making this thread @edgarej . And awesome WIPs


Thank you @Sooz and @raghukamath

I only have a rather rough sketch so far…Kiki basically depicts why I didn’t get very far :stuck_out_tongue:


@Lynx3d Well done and you made her cute.

@Lynx3d if you’re having a mental block maybe you can try doing a different media? that helps… or completely take a break and play a video game lol

Also, this is @Deevad 's WIP video :smiley:


My WIPs so far, since there’s only a few days left to finish up.
The outfit’s based on a sketch I did last Fall, I guess I must ready for it to be Fall again, with the leaves and the scarf and all.


Well I obviously couldn’t finish mine…I only got this far:


It’s a nice drawing though - the hair in particular! Strong perspective too.

I wish I could do nice clean line art - it’s such a pain designing as I paint! :sweat_smile:

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it’s looking good so far. you should finish it either way

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Do we need more time? We still have till end of August if we want to consider giving ore time. But after 29 we might need to get to voting.

That looks so good tho. Awesome work