Monthly Art Contest - February 2022 - Topic - Fairy - Contest has ended and closed

Hello Krita artists :art: .

So we completed January month’s contest which was the first for 2022. We got immense response and had a lot of entries and at the end of the contest after a tough vote by members the winner is @Frittatart . Congratulations Frittatart! :clap:t3:. Frittatart has suggested a new topic for us.

Monthly Art Contest - January 2022

Topic - Fairy

Challenge is optional - “Use gradient maps at least once in your image” , this challenge is optional meaning you can use it to challenge yourself or do it in your own way.

Contest Description by Frittatart

The next topic could be “Fairy.” They can be as sweet or mischievous as you want them to be and maybe more insect-like as well.

An optional challenge for this topic is to use gradient maps at least once in your image. Afterwards you are free to add any colors.

Note: Gradient map is a filter which is located in Filter> Map> Gradient map . You can read more about it here → Map — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation

The topic changes every month. Your submission should be somehow related to the topic. And if possible please add a few lines explaining your idea and image. Artwork should be done in Krita.

You can post maximum 3 Entries and also edit the entries until the deadline all your entries will be clubbed during the vote and you only get one vote. Reply with your entries to this post in this thread. The submission will be open until 2022-02-26T00:00:00Z.

We will hold a poll at the end on 2022-02-26T00:00:00Z till 2022-02-28T00:00:00Z . The artwork with most number of votes will be the winner.

The winner be featured on this website and the winner will have the privilege to choose the topic and the challenge for the next month! If the winner is not available or reachable then the 1st runner up will be asked to provide the topic and challenge

In order to have the image featured the entries need to be safe for work so please avoid any NSFW or controversial content. The moderators can use their discretion to disqualify the image from the contest with prior notice. Of course the artist will be given chance to submit alternate image or change it.

Also please spread the word about this contest by posting your artwork on various social media websites with a hashtag - #kritachallenge , if possible with a link to the forum post.

I hope we will enjoy this exercise so let us begin.

P.S. Note we can change the rules based on the feedback on this contest and modify the format. Any suggestions are welcome. We can make a new topic in the #site-feedback category for it. Please post only artworks and discussion related to them in this thread.


Hello, my first painting for the contest. I plan to make another one.

I applied gradient maps on the dark head and the faerie. I wanted to create a good contrast between the flying faery and the head. Not sure it works as intended - it would be easier for me with real colors.
And I forgot to manage the sky. So no real sky.



Here is my entry for contest.
As optional challenge was optional, then I didn’t use the Gradient Map; tried to use it but it was harder to get expected result with it so I decided to not use it.

Here the story.



Hi All,
My attempt at a rather dark fairy. Wanted to do something “feral” ; trying to imagine what a “real” fairy would be like trying to survive in the wild. Did a value sketch first in black and white and then used a gradient map to add colour black → dark green → yellow green.
The wings were a bit of an effort in photo bashing from a reference image, as I didn’t have the strength to paint all the detail… Overall happy with the image, but wish I could do hair better!


Here’s my entry. I had a few different ideas for the topic but eventually decided on a warmer and softer image. After drawing and painting in grayscale I used a gradient map for her skin and another to set the general tone. I was originally going for a more blue image so my gradient map had blue on one end and bright yellow on the other. From there I used color, multiply, and some color dodge layers. Along with a lot of color balance!


Fairy… used gradient maps on her wings. I honestly feel like this could be better…


Fairy version 2… again, gradient maps on wings


This is it… this is my real entry. I don’t like the other two I did… I don’t like this one either but I think it’s better than the other two… lol. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with this prompt.


You can have three entries in the competition, so I think you should keep the other two. At least the second one.

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ok, thank you

I lied… I thought I was done with the prompt… I guess not. Fairy ver 4;

I also have a version 5 floating in my head… but I probably won’t be able to finish it in time for the deadline. @raghukamath in case you are curious as to which ones I want to be in the vote, just version 3 (the jungle version) and version 4 (the robot fairy and little girl version). Thank you.


I just notice the rules say the voting starts 25th while the contest is open til 26th…not sure if I’m even still within deadline.

It’s not really done, I was pretty knocked out the first half of this week, and trying to work on it anyway just turned out to need expensive fixes because I didn’t even realize how messed up some proportions were…and with several krita crashes in the mix, I’m fed up now…


It is a typo it is open till 26th night 11:59pm utc

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The contest is over and now the voting begins :drum: :fire::fire::fire:

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The winner will choose the topic for next contest

Last 4 hours remaining please vote your favourite entries.

Great entries everyone! :slight_smile:

@edgarej Not including the ladybug image was probably a mistake… it was my favourite of the lot.


Congratulations @Frittatart ! @Bleke in all honesty the ladybug as a concept is more right-on-the-spot than the two entries I turned in… I just couldn’t get over how I drew it.

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