Monthly Art Contest - January 2022 - Topic - The Big Tree - contest closed

Hello Krita artists :art: .

So we completed December month’s contest which was the last for 2021 and the winner is @Deevad. Congratulations David! :clap:t3:. David has suggested a new topic for us.

Monthly Art Contest - January 2022

Topic - The Big Tree

Challenge - “There is no challenge this month you can work in any way”

Contest Description

The topic is “The Big tree”.
There will be no restrictions for the painting this month. You can choose any technique or style to create the artwork. The artwork should be original creation though.

The topic changes every month. Your submission should be somehow related to the topic. And if possible please add a few lines explaining your idea and image. Artwork should be done in Krita.

You can post maximum 3 Entries and also edit the entries until the deadline. Reply to this post in this thread. The submission will be open until 2022-01-26T00:00:00Z.

We will hold a poll at the end on 2022-01-27T00:00:00Z till 2022-01-30T00:00:00Z . The artwork with most number of votes will be the winner.

The winner be featured on this website and the winner will have the privilege to choose the topic and the challenge for the next month! If the winner is not available or reachable then the 1st runner up will be asked to provide the topic and challenge

In order to have the image featured the entries need to be safe for work so please avoid any NSFW or controversial content. The moderators can use their discretion to disqualify the image from the contest with prior notice. Of course the artist will be given chance to submit alternate image or change it.

Also please spread the word about this contest by posting your artwork on various social media websites with a hashtag - #kritachallenge , if possible with a link to the forum post.

I hope we will enjoy this exercise so let us begin.

P.S. Note we can change the rules based on the feedback on this contest and modify the format. Any suggestions are welcome. We can make a new topic in the #site-feedback category for it. Please post only artworks and discussion related to them in this thread.


Here’s my entry for this month! I decided to challenge myself a bit and only use one round brush and a limited palette, and also tried a different workflow (mostly actually usually multiple layers, because I usually only use maybe a max. of 2…layers confuse me).

I decided to draw something along the lines of the classic ‘small person with staff standing dramatically before big thing’.

Here’s also a process gif of my layers.



This is awesome. I love the waterfall, I bet there’s a treasure in there.


Thank you!


Here is my entry.

I might misunderstood the concept of “big” tree, I’ve drawn a giant huge big tree :sweat_smile:

More details here :slight_smile:



i wasn’t going to post this but…lol :slight_smile:

…we had the same thing in mind. (This is why i love such topics - like drawtober & inktober…, most people get the same idea but execute differently)

In short : one can never be too original… hahaha


You forgot the sausages!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Hi !

Here’s a big (and reddish) tree. It’s in a landscape format as a small constraint because this type of format is not very comfortable for me.
I also tried to work with looser brush strokes than usual, I hope it’s not too messy.
Oh and I used the “small character in front of a big thingy” cliché too ! :smiley:

Thanks for the challenge, it was very fun and relaxing : )


Reminds me of the Integral Trees.


Well here’s my attempt…


Ok, here we go. That is my painting, The Swamp Mother. A entity that is trapped in a tree located in the middle of a swamp. Around, some monkeys look to all the explorers and wait to know how many time they will resist to course of the Swamp Mother.


Here’s my version of ‘The Big Tree’

Initially, I was playing with the idea of an enormously large tree in the jungle. It was more fantasy like. But then I went ahead with a more personal idea. Depending on your age, relatively normal things may seem big and huge.


Made a few different attempts for this month’s challenge! I wanted to explore different possibilities so made quite a few other drawings besides these 3. Really wanted to emphasize the size of the trees by including something smaller like the castle, a old woman, or an airplane.


1st and 3rd are amazing :astonished:


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Thank you!

All that are awesome!!!

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drawing things that look really big sounded much easier than it actually was :joy:


There’s a lot of good entries so far

“The Big Tree”

Ref used;
Process video; The Big Tree - Jan2022 Monthly Competition - YouTube