🎨 Monthly Art Contest - June 2022 - Topic : Pervasive Landscapes - Sinister vs. Serene - Contest is closed now

Hello Krita artists :art: .

We completed the monthly art contest for May and the winner is @Mythmaker . Congratulations to everyone who participated. And now we have monthly contest for the month of June. @Mythmaker has chosen the topic for this month.

Monthly Art Contest - June 2022

Topic - Pervasive Landscapes - Sinister vs. Serene

Contest Description by Mythmaker

  • Your task is to depict either a sinister (threatening, harsh) or serene (calm, beautiful) outdoor environment, then include the opposite extreme as a permeating force.

  • Examples could be nature taking root in a ruined environment, or pollution eating into a meadow of flowers.

  • It can be realistic or fantastical.

  • The scale is up to you - it could be a vast open landscape or something more intimate.

  • You can include figures or creatures in your image, but they should not be the main focus.

  • Technical challenge (optional): Create a series of thumbnails exploring different ideas and/or compositions prior to starting your main picture. They can be simple line sketches, or full-on value/colour studies; as long as they help you progress your idea.

  • Have fun! :partying_face:

The topic changes every month. Your submission should be somehow related to the topic. And if possible please add a few lines explaining your idea and image. Artwork should be done in Krita.

You can post maximum 3 Entries and also edit the entries until the deadline all your entries will be clubbed during the vote and you only get one vote. Reply with your entries to this post in this thread. The submission will be open until 2022-06-28T00:00:00Z.

We will hold a poll at the end on 2022-06-28T00:00:00Z till 2022-06-30T00:00:00Z . The artwork with most number of votes will be the winner.

The winner be featured on this website and the winner will have the privilege to choose the topic and the challenge for the next month! If the winner is not available or reachable then the 1st runner up will be asked to provide the topic and challenge

In order to have the image featured the entries need to be safe for work so please avoid any NSFW or controversial content. The moderators can use their discretion to disqualify the image from the contest with prior notice. Of course the artist will be given chance to submit alternate image or change it.

Also please spread the word about this contest by posting your artwork on various social media websites with a hashtag - #kritachallenge , if possible with a link to the forum post.

I hope we will enjoy this exercise so let us begin.

P.S. Note we can change the rules based on the feedback on this contest and modify the format. Any suggestions are welcome. We can make a new topic in the #site-feedback category for it. Please post only artworks and discussion related to them in this thread.


Maybe I’m bit early on this, but I thought the topic sounded interesting when it was originally posted so I’ve already come up with something.

“Storm on the Plains”
A sinister storm encroaching on a serene prairie landscape.
Originally I was going for lightning, as shown in the thumbnail sketch along with some other ideas, but it ended up as a sort of tornado instead.


Bob Ross style sinister and serene



This is my entry for the challenge! I made a sinister forest with a few wolves and a curious explorer who comes upon a serene patch of flowers. The forest is moss-covered. At night the tree faces glow with life with a red hue, illuminating the dim, foggy landscape.

I’ll include my thumbnails but they’re very sketchy/not detailed haha!


Here’s my entry for the contest, a lovely morning nature scene intruded by an airplane

Edit: I was going to make some thumbnails before I started but my first sketch turned out to be the piece itself… go figure…


Hi :slight_smile:
So, I don’t know if it’s sinister or serene (or neither) but I’m done with this piece.

I had fun working on it, you wouldn’t think that painting a junkyard could be relaxing :smiley:

And here’s two thumbnails :

Cheers !


My second entry, “Rainbow Revival”.
A flowering meadow and gentle rain overtake a burnt and smoking area of land.


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My first ever entery in an Art Contest:


:ballot_box: Vote your favorite entry. :ballot_box:

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Congratulations everyone who participated. Congrats @lehko Please choose a topic for next month


Thanks very much to all of you !

So, I’m thinking of a “make it cute” challenge.
With one constraint: no character involved (at least not as the main subject).
Basically, it’s a design challenge. You’re going to pick one or more items, and make it as cute as possible. I hope it’ll be fun : )

ps : I’m not sure what to do next ^^ Should I create the topic ?


You post the artwork in its own new topic so that I can feature it. I’ll make the new contest topic soon.

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