Monthly Art Contest - September 2021

Hello Krita artists.

So we completed last month’s contest and the winner @skyat has given us a new topic for this month. So let us start the next contest.

Monthly Art Contest - September 2021

Topic - Afterglow of a bygone era

Challenge - Create artwork using split complementary- gamut mask

Contest Description by Skyat

You can interpret afterglow and era in any sense you like but the concept should be noticeable for a viewer who doesn’t know the theme.

The challenge is to use a “split complementary”-gamut mask which is a feature in Krita to get a limited color palette. You need to activate the “gamut mask”-docker and select the gamut mask which looks a bit like a Y (It’s also named split complementary). Also you will need the advanced color selector and choose a round/circular color selector. The final orientation of the gamut mask is your choice. (For a better overview of this and further, helpful links read this page from Krita’s manual: Gamut Masks — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation )

The topic changes every month. Your submission should be somehow related to the topic. And if possible please add a few lines explaining your idea and image. Each topic will accompany a challenge to make it more interesting. Artists are advised to follow the challenge rules. Artwork should be done in Krita.

You can post maximum 3 Entries and also edit the entries until the deadline. Reply to this post in this thread. The submission will be open until 2021-09-25T00:00:00Z.

We will hold a poll at the end on 2021-09-26T00:00:00Z till 2021-09-29T00:00:00Z . The artwork with most number of votes will be the winner.

The winner and the 1st runner up will be featured on this website and the winner will have the privilege to choose the topic and the challenge for the next month! If the winner is not available or reachable then the 1st runner up will be asked to provide the topic and challenge

In order to have the image featured the entries need to be safe for work so please avoid any NSFW or controversial content. The moderators can use their discretion to disqualify the image from the contest with prior notice. Of course the artist will be given chance to submit alternate image or change it.

Also please spread the word about this contest by posting your artwork on various social media websites with a hashtag - #kritachallenge , if possible with a link to the forum post.

I hope we will enjoy this exercise so let us begin.

P.S. Note we can change the rules based on the feedback on this contest and modify the format. Any suggestions are welcome. We can make a new topic in the #site-feedback category for it. Please post only artworks and discussion related to them in this thread.


Here is my entry for this month

i used this colors


Are they relatives of O7? :slight_smile:

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no :slight_smile: just a coincidence.

my entry

and my gamut mask
Screenshot 2021-09-18 224926


The submission for the contest are closed. We will begin the voting tomorrow.

Monthly Art Contest September 2021 - “Afterglow of a bygone era”

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The winner will be featured on this website and will have the privilege to choose the topic for the next month!


We are a bit late in closing the contest. But nevertheless I ask @jakedrake to choose a nice topic for this month.


thank you everyone,

the theme is “Sci-fi meets Fantasy”.
The idea to combine typical sci-fi thnigs together with typical fantasy elements to create new interesting landscapes and objects.
The challenge is “use only the new Krita 5 RGBA brush-presets”.
Thank you for the voting and good luck and have fun.


Thanks for the topic :+1:t3:

Great painting, @jakedrake. Looking forward to playing with the theme you chose.

Q: What if a person does not have Krita 5 (because it’s still beta)?

The brief has been updated in the new contest thread:

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How do you know if a brush is an RGBA-preset?